The Community Fund is supporting Manor Farm through a 5 year grant to enhance work with older people.  This is the second time the national funding body has recognised the valuable work undertaken by our charity and reflects the significant contribution to the health and well-being of Walsall people made through our scheme.

Funding will enable us to 'grow' the ranks of volunteers, provide important information, advice and guidance that combats loneliness and social isolation - as well as supporting the social activities, healthy meals and wide range of essential services that ensure those over 55 years of age get the very best out of life!

We offer services such as:

  • Lunch clubs
  • Befriending for those who are lonely or want some basic support in the home
  • Help with home maintenance
  • Gardening
  • Domestic cleaning
  • Transport to essential services such as medical appointments

In fact anything and everything that is causing concern to older people.

We know that many older people wish to remain independent and living in their own home but need the support and help from the community to enable them to do so. Issues of loneliness, social isolation, deteriorating health and poor diet are critical and our scheme, with the support of others, will do all it can to help people achieve that goal of continued independence.

This exciting scheme has been praised throughout the Midlands and even further afield with many other community organisations following our example in helping older people and in no small way contributed to Manor Farm gaining the prestigious 'Queen's Award for Voluntary Service' - the equivalent of an MBE for voluntary organisations!


Chief Executive Gary Bird said, 'Our important project ‘walks with older people’ whilst they overcome their difficulties and places emphasis on local community solutions enabling older people to help themselves and … each other.  We must not forget our older neighbours.  They need us as much as we need them.'

For more information about how the Silver Service Scheme can help you or a family member, please contact Manor Farm on 01922 614316 or follow our Silver Scheme Blog.