25th October 2018

We have some great news to share and … we also need your valuable support.

We have been shortlisted for a funding award that will make an amazing difference to our older people in Walsall. 
It is called HOOP – Healthy Opportunities for Older People!
We need you, your family and friends to vote for us to get this award and the great news is … you get 10 votes per person!!
It takes just a few seconds to do and is so simple.  Will you help us?
Just register with Aviva at:
Search for our organisation, Manor Farm Community Association and then cast your 10 votes!  You can also find out more about our HOOP project when you register.
Please vote for us and share this email far and wide … ensuring more much-needed money comes into Walsall to help the older people who really need your support.
Thank you so much!
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