Floristry - a Bloomin' Success

8th March 2017
Floristry - a Bloomin' Success

Manor Farm were invited to the recent opening of a fabulous new floristry shop this month - which just happens to showcase an astounding young florist called Leigh Park.

A student at Manor Farm CA he is working towards another admirable accreditation through his floristry course in our evening adult education programme.
He  launched his new floristry and floral display shop La Vie En Rose, at 48 North Street, Bridgetown WS11 0BA and said, 'I want to share my talent and bring people joy and happiness through my designs.'
Everyone at Manor Farm is so proud of Leigh and indeed, every other student who follow their dreams - living life to the full through their continued love of learning!
La Vie En Rose opened with an amazing day of champagne and cupcakes from near neighbours 'Funky Fairy Cakes' and confirmed floristry orders for weddings, funerals and an extensive range of celebration events.  The proud owner couldn't have been more satisfied ... 'Everything has gone to perfection and I can't thank my family, friends and new customers enough for their kind support - especially my tutor at Manor Farm for all the help and advice I have received.  La Vie En Rose is 'one of a kind.'  We stand out from the rest and we are here to stay!'
Tutor Anne-Marie Dolphin said, 'Well done Leigh. Our very best wishes for a 'blooming business success!'


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