Bill's for the Chop!

19th January 2017
Bill's for the Chop!
A smashing event will take place at Rushall Community Centre on Sunday afternoon 12th February.
One of our great volunteers is undergoing an unbelievable personal transformation for a very worthwhile cause.
The one and only Bill Harris, better known as Silver Scheme Driver and annual Santa Claus, will be having his beard shaved off, his head shaved and even his eyebrows removed!  
Now, everyone who knows him will be aware this will be a rather major task as he really does look more like Father Christmas than Father Christmas does!
He is asking for sponsorship for St. Giles Walsall Hospice and Manor Farm are only too willing to support the venture by hosting the ‘great shearing’ at our centre in Rushall.
Isn’t it great what our volunteers do?  They all make such a massive difference to the Walsall community and we are so proud to know not only Bill but everyone of them.  This is a gesture for another charity, not Manor Farm, and typifies how wonderful people are in helping others.  Well done Bill!
Will you sponsor Bill?  Can you be there to give him support? Centre will be open 2pm to 5pm with scissors, shears, cut throat razor and tweezers at the ready for use at 3pm sharp
Tea, coffee and cakes will be available whilst we get to watch Bill lose his 40 year old beard and full head of hair before he gets to face life clean shaven for a few months! 
If you can pledge any money for St. Giles Walsall Hospice, pop into our office and sign the sheet – it will all go to the great cause that is St. Giles Walsall Hospice!
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