Walking is always better than Talking

21st April 2017
Walking is always better than Talking

A nice group of people got together recently and started talking about getting fit, losing weight and enjoying some healthy exercise.  They also said they didn't want to 'go mad,' join a gym, pay for personal trainers or buy expensive training gear.

Before long they had talked themselves into having a brisk walk for 30 minutes before the weekend. Everyone has busy lives so it was agreed to meet at 7.30am and 'get it over with' before starting work or doing the hundred and one things in life that are actually less important than improving your lifestyle.

Dodgy knees meant walking on a softer surface than pavements so Park Lime Pits in Rushall near Walsall was chosen - an area of outstanding natural beauty!

This small group of men women aged between 25 and 73 plus one very fit and healthy puppy met with fear and trepidation and the first words the group uttered were, ‘What have we let ourselves in for??’

A walk around the tranquil pools and mature woodland of Park LIme Pits belies its busy past as a quarry, when the limestone within was used to support the industrial revolution, and a busy network of canals connected the pits to iron foundries around the Black Country.  


These days, rather than the sounds of industry, you’re likely to hear the sound of great spotted woodpeckers hammering away in the trees, and the occasional splash of a fish in the big pool. It’s adjacent to the canal, and as such it’s a frequent stopping point for people who want to enjoy a walk - just like us!

Just 28 minutes later the group agreed that it was the best ‘Friday Therapy’ we have ever had and everyone felt really pleased with themselves for making the effort.

The group practically had the urban woodland to themselves apart from a few people walking dogs who greeted them with smiles and who were happy to chat and ‘pass the time of day.’

We talked all the way about the scenery, the weather, about friends and families and just about everything else that was really important in life. We didn’t talk about health or fitness - although we did agree Maisie the puppy had more energy than all of us put together!

We didn’t even mention money, misery, wars, politics or even work once. Great, isn’t?

We are doing it again next Friday morning. Want to join us? It’s free, it’s fun and it’s for nice people like you.

We will meet in the car park at the Manor Arms pub in Rushall at 7.30am and the walk will last no more than 30 minutes. Just wear casual clothes and walking shoes or trainers.

We’ll be there whether it warm, windy or even wet. Will you?

For more information, call Carol or Malcolm on 01922 614316

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