Afternoon Tea with the Mayor

14th March 2017
Afternoon Tea with the Mayor

Volunteers at Manor Farm were highly honoured this month when they were invited to take afternoon tea with Councillor Kath Phillips, Mayor of Walsall.  And what a 'Bostin' Tea Party' it was!

The wonderful work of local individuals, organisations and charities in the borough certainly doesn't go unnoticed and was generously recognised and rewarded with Kath's kind words and a lovely afternoon of entertainment which also helped raise much needed funds for St. Giles Hospice in Walsall.

We have been so fortunate to have another Mayor who has this year worked tirelessly for our communities and in particular, has really gone out of her way to support the great projects we have been proud to deliver.  She has also raised in excess of £20,000 this year for St. Giles alone!

The Mayor was present when one of our Silver Scheme reached the grand age of 100, support our annual Christmas charity lunch and afternoon entertainment with the Black Country 'Fizzogs' and finally, proved 'the first cut is the deepest' when she started lopping off the locks of our volunteer driver Bill Harris when he had his head and beard shaved for charity.

Although Kath still has a couple of months left in office as Mayor, we take this opportunity to congratulate and thank both her and her consort Maurice for all the hard work, care and compassion they give to our borough which we know, thank goodness, won't stop in May.



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